The Brand Core Workbook Set

Essentials of the Branding Roadmap


As a business owner, I know you're familiar with this.

But what if you had a roadmap to help you with those parts of your business that you're not that confident about, like branding?

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Yeah, I think so too, which is why, I made one!

Even better?


You can download it here.

"Ahhh... this is exactly what I need right now!!"

- Joy Lizotte

Now, I've laid out all the steps you should take to brand your business successfully BUT you might still not know how to get all of these things done. Don't worry, I've gotcha covered!

Each step of my map comes with a workbook to help you along the way.

The first 3 steps are free downloads that will help get you started in getting clear about your brand, deciding who your audience is and finally a template to help you build a style guide for your brand.

These are crucial steps to branding your business successfully and it's important you get them right!
So download them, stat!

The next 3 steps are where the BRAND CORE WORKBOOK SET come in.

These three workbooks make up the core of The Branding Roadmap.

Once you have downloaded the free workbooks in the Branding Roadmap + gotten clear on your brand and who you serve, use these 3 companion workbooks to finish up your brand journey. You will start by building a logo for your brand + distilling it into its essence. Then make decisions on your color palette + font choices to populate your style guide.

These 3 workbooks will guide you along these processes so you can work out all the kinks and come out with a solid style guide that you can refer back to time and again to keep your business on brand easily.

"Your content is excellent, helpful, and practical.

Keep up the wonderful work."

- Merri Dennis

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Designing will always be a part of your business.
So make it a part you can work through with CONFIDENCE.

Make Your Logo Memorable:

Logo design can be incredibly daunting, specially if you’re not a designer. Which is why I’m here to give you a few of my own logo design tips in hopes that it makes things a bit easier.

Color Palette Workbook:

In this workbook, we’ll break down a few simple steps you can take to come up with your own palette. This palette should represent your brand well and serve to make you recognizable across different platforms.

Basics of Font Pairing:

When branding your business, one of the most exciting and possibly confusing tasks is font pairing. If not done well, it can be disastrous. In this guide, we’ll cover the most popular font types and samples of pairings that work well together to get you started as well as a few tips to keep in mind when selecting fonts for a project.

When you've finished these 3 books you will have a solid understanding of the direction you need to take your branding + tips on how to do it.

BONUS: You will also receive this beautiful YOU'VE GOT THIS print to keep you motivated throughout it all


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Your Instructor

Kimberly Costa
Kimberly Costa

Kimberly Costa is the Brand Story Artist at Delightfully Designing.

After an unusual beginning in the world of animation working with networks such as PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, Kim decided to go out on her own and use her illustration and graphic design mastery to help entrepreneurs tell their Brand Story and make a bigger impact with their business.

She now works with established entrepreneurs who are ready to graduate from templates and get more direction and control over the design of their one-of-a-kind brand and is now delighted to offer her knowledge in courses designed to build a strong brand.

When she's not spending time with her husband and two young boys, you can find her sneakily eating ice cream while listening to a Harry Potter audio book!

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